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Welcome to Faculty of Science.
Welcome to Faculty of Science.
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Science
The Faculty  of Science was established in 1976. Presently,  it is the largest Faculty of Bu Ali Sina university which carries out scientific and research activities and offers B.Sc.,  M.Sc. and Ph.D  programs in its departments. The Faculty of Science consists of   five departments and its main building is located at the main campus of Bu Ali Sina University .

At Present,  this Faculty has 88 faculty members and about 2255 students,  196 of whom are studying at M.Sc. level and 35  Ph.D. level.  The administrative body of the Faculty consists of one Dean and three Vice Deans which are as follows:  Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Vice Dean for Administration and Finance and Vice Dean for Research.

At present , the Faculty of Science has 5 departments:  
Biology , Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics and Physics. Each Department is administered by one chairman that is elected by faculty members'  votes for two years.

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