Research Projects of Physics

Research Projects of Physics

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Investigation of Propagation TE and TM Models and Dispersion  Characteristics of Dielectric-Loaded Parallel Plate Waveguides Akhavan, Qadir Physics
Study of  Break Down of the Saddle-Point Model for Heavy Ion-Indured Fission of Preactinides. . Dr. Saeed Soheilei Physics
A Computational Fluid Model for Investigation Free-Electron Laser. Dr. Bijan Farrokhi Physics
Boundary Effects on Raman Free_Electron Laser with a Coaxial Wiggler Farrokhi,   Bijan Physics
The Nondynamical Analysis Hybrid  Amplitudes in Neural Pion Photoproduction in the Energy Range of 1300 to 2300 MEV. Forozani, Qasem Physics
Study of Structural Relaxation Phenomena in Amorphous Alloy of Glassy Metals . Habibi, Safdar Physics
To Determine the Thermal and Hydrodynamical Model of Melt in Czochralski Growth.  Tavakkoli, Mohammad Hossein , Physics